About Us


Our group-affiliated companies which have a 65-year business background and the awareness of a corporate structure have aimed to serve the region and country's economy with fast-moving consumer goods (British American Tobacco, Danone, Frito Lay, Haribo, Tadım Kuruyemiş), agricultural sector (Case, New Holland), automotive sector (Fiat, Kia), and construction industries as well as mining in the field of production.





Our Objectives


At the beginning of the biggest difficulties in the production processes of our mines, which are the raw materials of many products we use in our lives, it comes the enrichment processes of our mines and fact that not possibly to obtain products in standard quality. The necessity of R & D work is extremely important to determine the physical, chemical, and rheological properties of mines and to produce value-added products in accordance with the standards in which they are used. As Ceylan Mineral, we do not just unearth our underground treasures, but also utilize our products that are consistent in terms of high quality, value added, physical and chemical test results in line with the needs of different sectors as a result of the statistical analysis of the results from the required R & D works.